Chris is considered one of the world’s leading experts on systemising innovation and he talks about creativity, decision making, strategic thinking, resilience and how to obtain an ‘everything is possible’ mindset. Minds, like parachutes, work best when open, and Chris strives to kick-start events by motivating audiences to think ‘without the box!’

A mix of sharing his knowledge and personal experiences, combined with active participation. Chris believes the best way to help people understand is to get them actively participating in fun challenges that have an underlying serious meaning. These consist of thought experiments done either individually or with people working next to each other. All that is needed is pen and paper.

Chris and his team often facilitate these types of events. This will normally consist of a keynote from Chris, and then the group facilitation led by his team of Innovation Experts.

Yes. Whilst he is based in the UK, Chris has delivered many keynote sessions and provided consulting services worldwide.

Absolutely. Chris has delivered many keynotes via video conferencing.

Chris strongly conveys that innovation and creativity require system and process to be effective and will share links to free resources for use after his session. These include a selection of canvas templates and checklists to download and use, either for working alone or in teams. Each template has all the components you need to help capture your ideas and thoughts as you progress through the stages of the Chris’ Solution Finder. Chris can also get his team to personalise the Ayoa.com app specifically for your audience – please speak to us for more details.

Please feel free to use the contact form on this page, or alternatively you can email workshops @ opengenius (dot) com.