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February 7, 2024

Elevate your Success with Proactive Thinking in Work and Life

by Chris Griffiths posted in Proactive Thinking.

Ayoa | Elevate your Success with Proactive Thinking in Work and Life
In our fast-paced lives, have you ever paused momentarily just to wonder, “How much do I think about my thinking?” It may seem like an oddly existential question, but let us dig deeper to understand its relevance. Thinking is an inseparable part of everything we do, from deciding what to wear to work, to devising a strategic plan for a mammoth business goal. Yet, seldom do we examine our thought process or the strategies we employ when we think. If you’re serious about boosting your chances of success both in business and personal life, proactive thinking may just be the key you’re looking for.

Famed industrialist Henry Ford once quipped, “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably why so few engage in it.” This statement exposes a critical fallacy in our daily life. Routine tasks are typically performed on autopilot, or what I like to call “reactive thinking.” While reactive thinking might help you tackle mundane tasks efficiently, it can also cause you to miss out on exciting opportunities. As our world continues to evolve, it’s clear that we need to switch on our proactive thinking caps to stay ahead.

Henry Ford Quote

Just as an athlete trains her body to reach peak performance, we should train our minds to achieve mental greatness. Proactive thinking helps us identify personalised problem-solving strategies and make effective decisions—helping us think objectively, act creatively, and plan strategically.

To exhibit proactive thinking, it’s crucial to GRASP the different thinking modes—generative, reactive, analytical, and selective. With these under our belt, we’re one step closer to achieving proactive thinking (the final ‘P’ in the GRASP acronym!), a mode that enables us to contemplate not necessarily what we think but how we’re thinking.

Let’s understand this with a simpler analogy. Would you swim in a business suit? Likely not, because it would hamper your ability to swim effectively. Just like wearing a suitable attire for swimming, we should adopt appropriate thinking modes for different scenarios. To optimally leverage our abilities, we need to gain active control over our thinking process, essentially engaging in ‘metacognition’—the act of thinking about thinking.

Businessman swimming

For many of us, thinking about fitness or diet is the norm. But thinking about our thinking rarely enters our consciousness. By overseeing our thought process with strategy, we can drastically improve our ability to unearth new prospects, enhance clarity, and solve problems more effectively.

A proactive approach to thinking begins with self-awareness. Understanding the modes of thinking and how they influence our actions can establish a firm foundation to make decisions or solve problems. A formal process that guides our thinking towards innovative results can be instrumental in achieving success. A strategic process, much like a business strategy, provides a disciplined and repeatable approach to solving problems. We call this meta-cognition.

It encourages us to consciously work through the right thinking activity at the right time, fostering both divergent and convergent thinking to produce creative and practical solutions.

No magic wand can trigger innovation overnight. It calls for the right people, the right place, the right timing, and, most vitally, the right strategy. Proactive thinking enhances your ability to innovate by organising your thought process. By understanding how and when to be generative, reactive, analytical, and selective, you’ll set the wheels of innovation in motion. Take a proactive leap today, rethink your thinking strategies, and who knows – the result might be the key to your success in this modern fast paced world.

Chris Griffiths

Chris Griffiths, is a bestselling author with decades of experience in the areas of creativity, metacognition and innovation. His books have been published in over 20 languages and his previous title ‘The Creative Thinking Handbook’ was selected by Forbes as one of the best books to “get your creative juices flowing” and named the #1 business book for inspiring innovation by CEO Today. He is an advocate of using technology to improve thinking, and his latest app, Ayoa.com, is used by millions worldwide.

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